NO BULL – Just Great Service

The Arcadia Stockyard opened for business on Wednesday, September 14, 2005.  It is our mission to handle the cattle delivered to us for sale as if they were our own.  We want your selling or buying experience to be handled in a professional and courteous manner second to none.  Our staff is ready to help you with all your marketing needs.

Sale Days – For Your Convenience Sales are Monday and Wednesday

Arcadia Stockyard Drive Through and Unload

Monday’s Sale
12:00 Noon
Bring Your Cattle
Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
or Sale Day

Wednesday’s Sale
12:00 Noon
Bring Your Cattle
Tuesday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
or Sale Day

Don’t forget our drive thru unloading chute for your convenience.  Our customers have been very appreciative of this feature.

Current Price Trend

Click to see current pricesBusiness is always changing and evolving.  The cattle business is no exception.  The State of Florida with budget cuts did away with the market report we had relied on for years.  Once Carl realized there was no way to keep this program he made a commitment to bring a Computer Generated Weighted Price Trend to his customers.  Working with the programmers of our sale day software (ASI) they worked diligently to bring a report that keeps this valuable service available for you.  Carl has been visiting with the various Cattlemen’s Associations in surrounding counties helping them to understand how this market report is generated.  Any questions about this service please give us a call at 863-494-3737.

BSE/FSIS/COOL Form (This form is Required to be on File)

Print your copy of this important form to have on file in the office.  You can email, fax, mail, or bring the form with you when you plan to sell your cattle.  This is an important form that the buyers require us to have on file.  If you receive this form with your check, please do not ignore it.  Please sign it and return the form to the market.

Arcadia Stockyard Wall of Brands

Branding Wall – Auction Ring Wall of Brands

The Arcadia Stockyard is proud to honor the memory of the Arcadia State Livestock Market and its customers with our Wall of Brands.  This wall reminds us of our beginnings and encourages us to stay committed to continued service and growth in the beef industry.  Help us to continue your family’s heritage in the cattle business by letting us place your brand on this historic wall.  Just bring your brand and Carl will arrange to have it placed on the wall.

Café – Serving Home Cooked Specials and Delicious Stockyard Burgers

Arcadia Stockyard Burger Basket

As an added convenience we have a restaurant offering daily specialsArcadia Stockyard Homemade Pie and sandwiches on sale days. Come by and visit with your neighbors and have a good meal.  The Stockyard Burger is hand-pattied, juicy and always a treat.

If that doesn’t fill you up, Mary always has a homemade dessert to tickle your taste buds.  It’s just a relaxing way to get a bite to eat and catch up on the news with friends and neighbors.


Special Fall Sales (see calendar)

Keep your eye on our calendar for any special sales we plan for the fall season.  We will schedule bull sales, replacement heifer sales, and our annual slaughter cow and bull sale.  We work to provide you with quality bulls and heifers to purchase for your herd. Our slaughter sale has historically been a good sale.  Don’t forget this important sale when planning to cull your herd.

Arcaia Stockyard Auction block  Arcadia Stockyard Employees  Arcadia Stockyard Employees